Movelab Dance Centre focuses on the discovery of movement and individual creativity –instead of the reproduction of steps. We offer Creative Dance classes for children between 2,5 and 12 years old.

In our classes children learn three fundamental dance-concepts: body, space and time and set the basis to any physical activity. Through our movement exploration, improvisation and composition exercises every child strengthens self-esteem, self-discipline, attention spans and positive experiences.

Our program enables each child to move efficiently, to solve problems creatively, to communicate freely and to discover aesthetics. Movelab’s Creative Dance classes enable children to trust their bodies and their ideas whilst having fun!


Dance birthday party? Yes! Movelab + House of Watt can organize one for you!




In Watergraafsmeer, Amsterdam East.

Toddler & Parent:  (1 child ages 2,5 and 3 + 1 adult)

  • Wednesdays 9:15–10:00 in Sportcentrum Universum - Watergraafsmeer - Amsterdam East.

  • Wednesdays 10:15–11:00 in Sportcentrum Universum - Watergraafsmeer - Amsterdam East.

Kids ages 4 and 5:                                         

  • Wednesdays 14:00–14:45 in Daltonschool De Meer - Watergraafsmeer - Amsterdam East.

  • Wednesdays 14:45–15:30 in Daltonschool De Meer - Watergraafsmeer - Amsterdam East.

  • Fridays 15:15–16:00 in Daltonschool De Meer - Watergraafsmeer - Amsterdam East.

Kids ages 6 to 8:                                    

  • Wednesdays 15:15-16:00 in Daltonschool De Meer / Watergraafsmeer - Amsterdam East.

  • Fridays 16:15–17:00 in Daltonschool De Meer - Watergraafsmeer - Amsterdam East.

  • In planning: Tuesdays in IJburg and Thursdays in Amsterdam South. Email for an update.


The Creative Dance classes of the season 2018-2019 are divided into 3 quarters:

  • Quarter 1: from 04-09-2018 to 19-12-2018 / 14 classes

  • Quarter 2: from 16-01-2019 to 29-03-2019 / 10 classes

  • Quarter 3: from 03-04-2019 to 21-06-2019 / 10 classes


The registration and payment for Creative Dance classes is per whole quarter (see quarters above). In case of joining later in a term, you only pay the classes as from the date you joined.

  • Price per class for kids €8,50.

  • Price per class for toddlers and parent €12,00.

  • Administration costs per whole season is € 10,00.



The full payment for the dance lessons has to be done with a minimum of 2 weeks before the first lesson of the quarter.

For all types of lessons, the tuition fee cannot be reimbursed. Missed lessons are not reimbursed, replaced nor passed to someone else, unless Movelab cancels or shifts a lesson.

Payment is possible via a tikkie link per mobile phone or via bank transfer to (IBAN) NL29RABO0312297920 Movelab Dance Centre. 


Please register here so you can get a place in the classes per quarter.


Free trial class on the first class of each quarter for children from 4 to 8 years old. Registration is needed for a trial class. Conditions in the registration form. There are no free trial classes for the kids groups on Friday nor for the Toddler & Parent groups.


Movelab offers tailor-made packages of classes for:

  • Schools

  • After school daycare (BSO) and for nurseries.

  • Different age groups, other locations and in Spanish or English.

A minimum of 6 registered students is needed per group. If you wish a workshop or package of classes on request we would love to discuss it with you! Please e-mail for your request.


From June to September Movelab offers loose Creative Dance classes for Toddler & Parent, Kids 4 to 5 years old and Kids 6 to 8 years old on Saturday morning in House of Watt.


Dance party? Yes! Movelab + House of Watt can organize it for you!


  • Daltonschool De Meer, big gym. Van Het Hofflaan 50, 1097 EP Amsterdam.

  • Sportcentrum Universum, studio 3. Science Park 306, 1098 XH Amsterdam.